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*NEW* El Angel Estate | Orange Bourbon Natural | El Salvador

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Origin: El Angel Estate, Apaneca, El Salvador

Variety: Orange Bourbon

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Mandarin orange, raspberry, floral, honey

This year we've sourced three different coffees from the Silva family in El Salvador and this Orange Bourbon natural is the most exclusive of their coffees so far! This bright an nuanced coffee is a STUNNER and we're so grateful to the Silvas for their hard work with this lot because exceptional coffee doesn't happen by accident!

The name "Orange Bourbon" is derived from the vibrant color of the coffee cherries at full ripeness. Like the Red Bourbon variety, Orange Bourbon is known in the coffee industry as producing a complex and well-balanced flavor profile. Bright acidity and fruited characteristics fill the cup here and it's been really easy to brew for us. Fresh citrus and fruit like mandarin orange and raspberry make this coffee pop, while the floral notes and honey sweetness maintain balance in the structure of the cup. 

We have a pretty limited amount of this coffee so don't wait too long to try it!