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La Fany Estate Yellow Icatu Honey | El Salvador

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Origin: La Fany Estate, Apaneca, El Salvador

Roast: Light-Balanced

Process: Honey 

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Red Berries, Maple Syrup

Varieties: Yellow Icatu

This offering is the product of a trip to El Salvador in 2023. The Silva family has been producing amazing coffee for 6 generations and they are gracious hosts. La Fany Estate is one of several coffee farms they own and manage in the Apaneca region. We are pleased to showcase this honey process coffee of the Yellow Icatu variety, which is new to us!

Yellow Icatu is a coffee variety that belongs to the Icatu group, known for its hybrid nature. The Icatu group is a series of cultivars originally developed in Brazil by crossing traditional Arabica coffee varieties with the robusta coffee plant (Coffea canephora). Yellow Icatu was created to combine the favorable attributes of Arabica, like premium flavor components, and robusta plants, like natural resistance to pest and disease. 

The Silva family's care for processing and cultivation, paired with our precision roasting and sorting, has made this coffee a showcase of Yellow Icatu's strength as both resilient and flavorful! We're loving the chocolatey base with fruited nuances like red berries and a maple syrup sweetness.