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El Angel Red Bourbon Natural | El Salvador

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OriginEl Angel Estate, Apaneca Region, El Salvador

Roast: Light

Process: Natural 

Tasting Notes: Grape, Peach, Vanilla, Juicy

Varieties: Red Bourbon

This offering is the product of a trip to El Salvador in 2023. The Silva family has been producing amazing coffee for 6 generations and they are gracious hosts. They operate El Angel and a few other farms in the Apaneca region - a mountainous region in far western El Salvador, not far form the border of Guatemala. 

Red Bourbon is a distinguished variety of coffee cherished for its exceptional flavor profile and distinct characteristics. Known for its vibrant red cherries, this coffee cultivar is celebrated for its sweetness, bright acidity, and complex tasting notes. We're thrilled to welcome Red Bourbon to the Polite lineup and can't wait to source more of these coffee in the future for y'all. 

If you know us, you know that we're suckers for a good fruit bomb and that's what you'll find in this coffee. You'll be greeted with big vibrant notes of grape and peach, followed up with a clean vanilla sweetness. We are pleased to showcase this sweet and juicy natural processed coffee and can attest to all the hard work that went into producing it!