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Hat Man's Decoffinated Brew

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In the shadowy realm of coffee, where legends brew and mysteries percolate, we unveil a decaf blend perfectly suited for legenders. Behold, Hat Man's Decoffinated Brew. When the call of coffee beckons in the moon's gentle glow, reach for Hat Man's Decaffeinated Elixir. But just remember, the sleepier you get...the closer Hat Man is.



Roast: Medium

Process: Swiss Water Process

Tasting Notes: Chocolate milk, Brown Sugar, Citrus

Varieties: Blend





What is Swiss Water Process? This is a patented process of removing caffeine from coffee that essentially involves just water. 

After the coffee has been dried it is then rehydrated and cleaned to prepare for decaffeination . The coffee is then soaked in what is called green coffee extract for 8-10 hours. 

After 99.9% of the caffeine has been removed it is then dried, bagged, and shipped to the roaster who finishes off the process to bring you a delightful cup of decaf coffee.

For more information about the Swiss Water Process please visit: https://www.swisswater.com/