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DECAF - Volcan Blend

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Roast: Medium

Process: Swiss Water Process

Tasting Notes: Chocolate milk, Brown Sugar, Citrus

Varieties: Blend

With a perfect balance of sweet and citrus this is a fantastic coffee to use for the caffeine sensitive, something to switch to after getting your high, or for those late nights when a hot cup oof coffee is calling your name but you don't want to be up all night.  

 What is Swiss Water Process? This is a patented process of removing caffeine from coffee that essentially involves just water. 

After the coffee has been dried it is then rehydrated and cleaned to prepare for decaffeination . The coffee is then soaked in what is called green coffee extract for 8-10 hours. 

After 99.9% of the caffeine has been removed it is then dried, bagged, and shipped to the roaster who finishes off the process to bring you a delightful cup of decaf coffee.

For more information about the Swiss Water Process please visit: https://www.swisswater.com/