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"Siesta" | Colombia Decaf

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Origin: Colombia

Roast: Light 

Process: Sugarcane (Ethyl Acetate)

Tasting Notes: Watermelon, Vanilla, Berries

Varieties: Bourbon, Typica


If you've ever said the phrase, "Death before decaf" this might be the coffee to change your mind. This fruity, clean, bright and sweet decaf is not your grandma's cup of joe! Brew this up for your next late night study sesh so you can get the experience and taste of a beautiful coffee with none of the caffeine to keep you up past your bedtime ;)

So what is sugarcane process? The short answer is it is the process of taking molasses and fermenting it to make ethanol (which is similar to how rum is made) mixing that with acetic acid (the main component in vinegar) and using that to remove the caffeine from the green coffee beans. 

The slightly longer answer is taking the green coffee beans and then steaming them so they are softened to facilitate the extraction of the caffeine. The beans are then soaked in Ethyl Acetate until it removes 97% of the caffeine and then they are dried to reach a moisture level of 10-12% before being roasted. 

The process allows for the natural flavors of the coffee to be retained as well as being slightly sweeter thanks to the Ethyl Acetate.