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Colombia | Las Perlitas Nariño Honey

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Origin: Nariño, Colombia

Processing Method: Honey

Variety: Caturra, Geisha, Pink Bourbon

Tasting Notes: Candied citrus, raspberry jam, peach rings, sweet & vibrant 

Las Perlitas (or "little pearls") is a blend of various top honey processed lots from around Nariño that weren't big enough to process and export on their own. There is typically caturra, a little geisha, and some pink bourbon varietals that land in the delicious lot mix from the region.

Behind the coffee contributing to the Las Perlitas lot, are small farmers committed to producing high quality coffee through experimentation and constant improvement

We think they've absolutely nailed it this year with this stunner of a coffee. If you're used to classic Colombian profiles, you'll have to think of this one as more in line with a clean, vibrant washed Ethiopian coffee. It's definitely a front runner for the all around favorite coffee at the roastery!